Thursday, 7 March 2013

Well that was a nice surprise!!

For our 3rd TMA which was poetry I got another magical and unexpected 80 ! I like what I wrote but its so subjective isnt it, poetry? Like art. Anyways enough , here's the stuff...

A series of 3 poems.

March 23rd 1973

(‘Relate’ began life as the Marriage Guidance Council in 1938)

Ripe apples, rosy red: grapes, black and bitter sweet
We love! Our harvest not heaven sent but earned.

The log pile, high in regimental rows
of multi coloured autumn hues. Mice hide
and bright eyes wink but only in the night.

Huge Koi carp swim in lazy ways around
the pond and lift large eyes that softly say
Feed me! We stroke them as they feast on bread.

Mystic nooks and corners fill the garden shed.
A hotch potch mess of deckchairs, jars and tools
Of long forgotten - ‘I never knew we had!’

Like a jigsaw with every piece in place
the garden lives and grows each year. Changing
but unchanged. Rooted in the heart of us.

Nice life shatters.
Like the blacksmith’s blow on the anvil
        heat fuses and
each spark flares and dies.

Nothing can be the same again.
What say you? Is this the end?

The healer helps.
And like two small planets
colliding, imploding
creates from almost nothing  – New life.

Fingers follow each word Jamie [1] writes
And having lip-moved your way across the page
You pause:  glaring at the clock
the order is – Begin!
You shout – Garlic?
The reply – Crushed!
You shout – Chipotle?
The reply - Substituted!
(Red chilli, ok?)
A ‘harrumph’ or similar.
You submit – the partnership progresses.

In this small space,
Like two round peas in a
long pea pod,
We work side-by-side in the heat.
We relate.                 
And, instructions carried out,
the re-creation is complete.
Two halves, re-joined.
Quarter up- Eat, replete.

[1] Jamie’s 15 Minutes Meals